At the beginning we organize a meeting to get to know the Investor's expectations for cooperation and of the interior. We also need to see the space. We do a thorough inventory of the premises, which will be the basis for the valuation.


If we determine the principles of the cooperation – we sign a contract. The contract is constructed in such a way that it contains the exact list of works and drawings, the scope of cooperation and the division into stages, calculated in the separate tranches.


We carry out a fairly detailed recognition as to the way of life, leisure and other preferences of the future users of the space. At this meeting the decisions are often made as to the changes in the function and organization of the interior.


We create a functional view, where we set the arrangement of the rooms. On the basis of it we build a 3D computer model of the designed space, which is a reflection in 99% of what will be carried out. The specific equipment, furniture, lighting and finishing materials are included in the model. Upon the acceptance of the concept and the choice of the finishing materials the views of the premises and of the interior design are sent to the Investor. The customers are also left a few days for putting any changes in the project.The acceptance of our concept and the decisions taken at this stage are the basis to start the realization of the technical documentation.


Construction documents contain a set of technical drawings required for the design such as: electric installations and lighting, water and sevage connections, new walls, suspended ceilings, floorings, detailed blueprints of bathrooms, kitchens, fixed joinery, descriptions and quantities of the materials, equipment, proposals of furniture and lighting, fixed joinery, etc. At the request of the Investor we subcontract our experts from the sector to perform additional professional designs. At the end of this stage the Investor receives two copies of the printed documentation and the records in the digital form (pdf).


The contract usually guarantees several meetings on the site whithin the design supervision. If the design requires it there is always possibility of extending this stage of cooperation. We also offer a few months assistance and advice on the project, depending on the size of the project and individual arrangements, as well as consultations with the Investors.

We invite you to cooperate with us in Tri-City as well as all over the country.